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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Zora Havel-KuderFemale/Slovakia Recent Activity
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Half body (animu style)
DO NOT request here. If you want to Commission (paypal only), Art Trade, Request or anything like that, send me a DA note/tumblr msg about it.

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Full body
Half body (ver)
(commissions, requests and art trades)
Ref sheets, mini comics, scenarios
(paypal commission)
Adoptables - points skunks and DBZ girls
DBZ girls adoptable available - 1 (Saiyan)
Skunk adoptable available - 9

click on pictures to read the rules and see what's available 

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Yedan1 by Misterbobba1 Yedan1 :iconmisterbobba1:Misterbobba1 2 2
FTSTDT :Butthurt Brolytards vs Sailor Galaxia
Well  :Iconfuckshiru: you wanted to see more posts, here's another one . Here's what it's like dealing with the people known as DBZtards, the bastard children of Creationists and Social Justice Warriors. Let's explain why i'm making this post after all this time.
I made this picture for a good friend of mines :icongogeta1089: I originally intended to post this 2 months ago but the entire GamerGate issue hijacked my sense of time. He wanted me to draw Sailor Galaxia putting her foot on Broly's head and crushing it for the sole purpose of pissing off DBZtards, especially Brolytards who are among the dumbest fanboys on the internet and rival SJW's and Creatonists in terms of sheer stupidity.
There is especially one Brolytard i have issues with and originally wanted to make a Fantards Say the Dumbest Things about `Legendary Broil, one of the dumbest fanboys ever but that's not going to
:icon345rv5:345rv5 4 76
DOA 5 - Kasumi Pose Pack #1 by IshikaHiruma DOA 5 - Kasumi Pose Pack #1 :iconishikahiruma:IshikaHiruma 210 27 Celzus by brokenHealer Celzus :iconbrokenhealer:brokenHealer 10 2 Extraterrestrial Seducer by DiruLiCiouS Extraterrestrial Seducer :icondirulicious:DiruLiCiouS 106 56 Art Trade - Glazier DBZ OC by longlovevegeta Art Trade - Glazier DBZ OC :iconlonglovevegeta:longlovevegeta 87 23 Beorn by Lelia Beorn :iconlelia:Lelia 549 75 Beorn by JMKilpatrick Beorn :iconjmkilpatrick:JMKilpatrick 736 79
Please Watch This
This is a serious issue. They're not trying to make internet a "safe environment for just vulnerable women", they are just trying to censor silence what they don't like or what they don't want to hear. Which is about 96% of the internet. 
Like he said, "Women are not fragile. And this isn't just about women. This isn't about gender, race, sexuality, what have you." (I'm not good at quoting). There's a reason why a block button is featured and available on most social media sites. Some of us/people can deal with shit thrown at us, or simply don't give a fuck. But others, who don't actually have a right to freedom of speech (like some) this is an actual issue that isn't directed toward them
So, please, spread this around. This cannot happen. 
:iconaquariusbatt:AquariusBatt 5 1
Frieza V2 by AlexelZ Frieza V2 :iconalexelz:AlexelZ 12 0 Monster Musume Kobold and Devil facts by Fu-reiji Monster Musume Kobold and Devil facts :iconfu-reiji:Fu-reiji 434 35
IMPORTANT: Recent developments in 3rdparty Reports
As some of you may have already noticed, a few days ago DA closed the option for 3rd party reports on art theft. This means that as of now, only the original artist of the artwork (i.e. the copyright holder) can file a report. Understandably this has damaged the morale of many people. Without the option to report, it can feel like you're not able to do anything, and an 'anti-theft group' might seem a bit obsolete. But please understand that this is definitely not the case!
In effect, nothing has really changed. We have been aware for a while now that 3rd party reports hardly ever seemed to make a difference, except maybe for a few rare occasions. That is why we try to track down and contact original artists, so they can file a report. Moreover, we do not only deal with art theft: We also deal with reports of trolling and harassment, mature art without proper tags, explicit pornography, etc.
The aim of the group remains the same: Informing and Helping. If you find work that you believe
:iconanti-artthieves-more:Anti-ArtThieves-more 8 19
Golden Freezer by SaoDVD Golden Freezer :iconsaodvd:SaoDVD 80 10 Monster Musume Dullahan and Dyad facts by Fu-reiji
Mature content
Monster Musume Dullahan and Dyad facts :iconfu-reiji:Fu-reiji 297 48
Eizza by Tuinor Eizza :icontuinor:Tuinor 2 0 Monster Musume Doppelganger and Dragonnewt facts by Fu-reiji Monster Musume Doppelganger and Dragonnewt facts :iconfu-reiji:Fu-reiji 420 68


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Top watchers will be featured on my profile and they can request (If they want) cartoony drawing of their OC with simple background for free

(if you want to request it, message me and please give references (in your gallery or stash) as much as possible)
Commission info by ScarlettDragon1

Top watchers are people who support me (comments, favorites, but mostly comments), some make me laugh (RP, chat, fanfics), or help me grow (by reblogging my stuff on Tumblr, by sharing my journals, featuring and mentioning me, giving me ideas, critique or inspiration), or donate (core, points, ko-fi)

Top watchers right now (22.2.2018.):
  1. :iconmegashadowmew: megashadowmew  - always faves and comments on my pictures, shares headcanons, our OCs are friends, nice gallery full of cute OCs and fan-art for multiple fandoms
    Active watcher rewards - megashadowmew by ScarlettDragon1
  2. :iconssjakuma5: ssjakuma5  - made me laugh in RP, helps my character grow, nice art style and gallery with original universe art, DBZ fan-art and his Saiyan and Ice-jin OCs are well-written and lore-friendly 
    Active watchers - ssjakuma5 by ScarlettDragon1
  3. :iconnoyami-chan: Noyami-Chan  - was very active in my comments 
    Active watchers - Noyami-Chan by ScarlettDragon1

The drawing (in my gallery) will be small, low quality and have gigantic, ugly watermark that looks like this:

character: [your username].DA
 artist: [my username].DA

I will send you full HQ version without watermarks via private messages. 

I use watermarks because I want to share my art but there are people who steal OCs for nsfw RPs on FB and forums. 

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  • Drinking: vodka (jk)


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Zora Havel-Kuder
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
My name is Zora, 18+, Slav, I draw monsters, aliens and fantasy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (ส้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้_ส้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้)
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sometimes I use brushes by Coby17
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●Rules●: ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
●Please read short descriptions (intros, no need to read the whole thing), If you can't be bothered, then please refrain from commenting.
●Please don’t use the term “Frost Demon" in the comment section of my space lizard art
●●●Ask for my written permission if you want to repost/share my stuff, or draw my OCs. I do not appreciate my art being reposted even if it is properly sourced. If I wanted my art to be shown there, I would post it there myself.
●ENGLISH, please.
●●●constructive criticism and feedback is greatly appreciated, but what I don't like is people treating their own headcanons and interpretations as a fact, or complaining about my OC's design....I didn't make them for you so If you don't like the fact that my Dwarf OC has 3 braids in her beard instead of 2 that's not my problem. However, if you find anything lore-breaking or plot holes in their story please let me know.
●If you have an issue and want to get it off your chest feel free to talk to me in DA notes, FB or Tumblr. My Tumblr accounts allow anons so you can yell at me anonymously. Pls let me know if I post, comment or share anything mean/'problematic'.
●Don't like? Don't follow. I don't want negativity, drama and enemies, so if you're looking for trouble I will block you.
●I post headcanons, opinions, bad jokes and satire, so don't take anything too seriously!
●Respect my privacy! Don't ask very personal questions. I care about my privacy and I don't want fandom people adding me on my personal accounts. This is why I use one of my RP OCs as my 'persona'. I'm an anxious mess, I think everyone has ulterior motives and negative intent against me, I can't help it, and it makes me super unconformable.
●I have a life outside the Internet. Please respect the fact that I'm a person that takes care of my own responsibilities.
●Do not self advertise, troll, post chain mail, or spam the comment section of my pics for that's annoying and quite rude (plus, It's pretty pointless because I'll just hide your comment) :/
Thank u ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Opinion stamp by TheCynicalHound
Other accounts
Ko-fi: ((
Facebook: ((…))
Tumblr (fandom/art blog): ((
Tumblr (photography, animals & nature): ((
Tumblr (personal, reblog): ((
Discord: ((SDZmayi#3171))
The Lord of The Rings Online: Evernight (EU) (lvl 91 female Wood Elf of Mirkwood Lore-master scholar & lvl 30 Dwarf of the Lonely Mountain (or Dwarrowdam when RPing) Guardian tinker) + I have low-lvl characters on Laurelin and Landroval (I'm still trying to find Dwarf-friendly RP server)

If you see me anywhere else, it's not me. Other ScarletDragon/RedDragon/Whatever accounts are made by other people with similar usernames.

Favorite DA people, some are my friends, some inspire me or post amazing artwork:
:iconssjakuma5: :iconmegashadowmew: :icon4xelicious: :iconteancooki: :iconshadowdemonslade: :iconkreoko: etc etc


I would sell my soul for three minutes of news that don’t revolve around the annoying royal wedding -.-
Reminder that Frieza and Goku, truly working together for the first time ever and as utterly despised enemies, had WAY more teamwork, cohesion, trust, and synergy going on than Goku and Vegeta have scraped together after two decades.

I don't even like DBS and that scene made no sense (power levels) but Frieza and Goku's teamwork is the true MVP of this arc
It’s 2018. and we still don’t have live hologram Yu-Gi-Oh! duels in stadiums. Kitty kitty - annoyed 
I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to see an adaptation of Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales etc. But after the giant turd of a disappointment that was The Hobbit, I’m more anxious than excited about TLotR TV Series. Nothing is safe or sacred as long as somebody can make money from it. -.-


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